Happy New State 2017, December 31, 2016

Eyo! We are organizing another banging New Year’s Eve party this year! Tickets are only €10, pretty cheap if we say so ourselves!

Sick and tired of 2016, done with the state of the world?

Then join us in the Avantgardistische Staat where nothing is crazy enough, THE place for new impossibilities. The refuge for artistic outsiders, creative thinkers and outlaws. Go against the mass and join us this New Year’s Eve at the party of a lifetime: the party to a new world.

WORM: the Avantgardistische Staat. Now is the time to make it happen!


Modular electronic sounds hosted by Noodlebar!

Mark du Mosch (LIVE) (Dekmantel, Pinkman, Bordello A Parigi, Moustache Records)
Damcase (LIVE) (Bunker Records, Mord Records)
Animistic Beliefs
Mono – Poly
Obtrude + Audiowomb


ROOM 2: Wunderbar

Hosted by Capone45!

Dj’s JD LaRue & Roccalberti shooting the sweetest and roughest Ska, Soul, R&B, Rocksteady & Boss Reggae, all night long!

Honeypot Triangle (Marco Broeders a.k.a. Co2RO & Sinister) will provide WORM with a futuristic stage design and insane visuals.
Licht. Furthermore, they will present a crazy videoglitch liveset!
Trip the light fantastic!

And there will also be a special praying corner with a Happiness Imam that will wash all your 2016 sins away, so you can start the year with a clean slate! No calls to action or revolutionary speeches; just a simple praying corner where you will leave rejuvenated!


Presale: €10,-
Door: €17.50,-



Participation fee per person: EUR 65 
capacity: minimum 5, maximum 15 people 

Do you need a handheld experimental analog synth? Or have you had a Stylophone as a christmas or birthday present and you want to upgrade it? Are you a circuit bending & hardware hacking enthusiast? 
Are you interested in learning some cool tricks about turning simple electronic sound toys into killing-sound noisy machines???? 
Then this is a workshop for you! 

Circuit bending workshop led by sound artist Tasos Stamou is dedicated to altering and upgrading the functions and sounds of original Stylophones (revived version). Participants will be guided through the process and completion of hard wiring the keyboard and transforming it into a useful analogue synthesizer; adding pitch controls, body contacts, sustain mods, CV (control Voltage) and other possible adds. All materials and components included. Due to the nature of the modifications, this instrument will be really useful to people using modular synthesizers, as an external synth voice module to their modular synthesizer system. 



Tasos Stamou is a dedicated circuit bender and an instrument modifier/designer. He has been utilizing his hacked creations into various performances (such as at the BENT Festival, New York) and recordings of obscure electronica ( Absurd, Triple Bathe, Orila, Lal Lal Lal). He has been leading hardware hacking workshops in festivals (Green Man Festival, SOTU Festival Lithuania, Athens Video Art Festival) and music tech labs (Macumbista Studio in Berlin, Music Hackspace and Noise=Noise in London, STPLN in Sweden, etc.). 

More info: www.tasosstamou.info stamouinstruments.blogspot.com