Noodlebar, January 13th, 2017

Yeah! Happy to announce that we are doing the first Noodlebar edition of 2017!

The full lineup for the evening:

The Monoranger
Mudd Corp


This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

Noodlebar February 28th 2015

Kubus (Zwolle)
Kubus is a dutch producer, mainly known as the man behind some of the most upfront and extraordinary hiphop productions to appear during the last decade in the Netherlands. Unlike other hiphop producers, Kubus’ roots go back to the early rave days, where raw analogue beats and brutal electronics melted together into something unheard before. It is therefor no surprise that his unique style is a fusion of techno, electro and hiphop.

Lu Katavist (Cologne Germany)
Cologne-based Lu Katavist was exploring freestyle electronica and expanding the borders of experimental drum’n’bass under the elfish echo moniker (releases on source records and km20), but now he’s focussing on improvised live-electronics, controlling a modular system with the Haken Continuum Fingerboard.

The Monoranger (La Haya)
The Monoranger is an active player in the electronic/improv scene in the Hague, the Netherlands.
Random soundgeneration and sequencing form the basis of his mesmerizing experimental improvised drones.