Noodlebar 9th, December 2016

Sun Color, Barcelona
Sun Color is the project of Venezuelan sound artist and experimental composer Julio Cesar Palacio, using a mixture of analog and digital processing in a show that combines abstract arrhythmic music, micro-tonal composition and field recordings. Julio C. Palacio is a real modern-day emperor of electronic sound. Fascinated by modular synths, he has evolved with his music project over time to create a very personal, concrete music world.

Julio is an active artist, and besides running Knob Shop, the only modular synth store in Barcelona, he just curated an exhibition called Sonic Room, a multi channel listening installation. This year he was also the guest composer at the EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm and in the past played festivals such as MUTEK.

Elektrovolt, The Hague
Elektrovolt is the music project from Jimi Helinga. He’s been doing music since about the age of 15 and he was a member of Black Helicopters which did play at Noodlebar once. He also was a memer of Nacho Patrol together with Legowelt. But now he’s coming solo! He just made an album called “Dune Magnetic” His set won;t be moduar but with nice analogue gear and is a great artist to have to end the party!

Timo Rozendal, Baarn
Timo Rozendal is a diy freak from Baarn. For the past years he made several diy kits for eurorack and they are loved. He also worked with Falafular on the Corny Rythm code and i think they are working on something new to. For Noodlebar he’ll do a show with his system which is almost 100% diy i think and build by himself.

Rob Donkers, Rotterdam
Rob Donkers is an artist from Rotterdam and has buit al kind of instalations for festivals all over the world. He also worked on tracks with Ard Bit and did some solo work to. Recently he got into eurorack and the past year he worked hard on getting his system build. For Noodlebar he’ll do his first live modular set and we’re looking forward to what he’ll preform.



This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.