Noodlebar at Mono, December 22 2016

For the second time Noodlebar will do a modular special at Mono!



Jos Smolders

Rob Hordijk

Bjorn Jauss a.k.a. Zen.SE

Roel Meelkop

Free entrance!


This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

Noodlebar January 2016

Worsel Strauss (DE)
Attended Unattention: Avant Electronica/Future Industrial/Buchla Pop

In a psychological sense, the act of taking control could be considered a response to fear. Human beings have different responses to fear, amongst them aggression, escape, withdrawal into isolation, and the exertion of control. Giving up control seems as difficult as taking control of things, while losing control typically is not desired.

Patrick Gunawan Hartono (The Hague)
Patrick Hartono’s work has particular focus on sound and visual spatial exploration either virtual or physical. The results include music on acousmatic composition, surround sound concerts, live electronic, compositions in the tradition of academic computer music, underwater photography, installations, site-specific sound art, experimental media, and interdisciplinary arts.

Jos Smolders (Tilburg)

Michel Banabila (Rotterdam)
Michel Banabila has produced musical scores for numerous films, documentaries, video art, theatre plays & choreographies.
Especially keen on mixing disciplines and music styles, Banabila uses elements and influences from jazz, electronic music, classical and world music.

Noodlebar November 21th 2014

Teilingerstraat 128
November 21
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
Entrance: € 4


Jos Smolders (Tilburg)
meanders between contemplation and explosion.

Jenamu6 (Roffa)
Soundscapes and Modular jams.

Husc (Tilburg)
Eurorack and Machinedrum

RIPIT (Bruxhell)
Acid storm Thunder beats

Shakmat (Bruxhell)
Bishop Dust’s Side Project

Ucture (Bruxhell)
Modular Techno