Electric Deluxe x Dystopian February 11th 2017

We are returning to Rotterdam with an EDLX x Dystopian event after tasting the great vibe last year! EDXL boss Speedy J will play all night long at one of the areas. Dystopian chief RØDHÅD will play the main area with support from Alex.Do and Subjected. The 3rd area will be hosted by Rotterdam’s finest, Noodlebar Soundsystem. They will be settling in for a night of wire juggling and all things noodly via live shows from their residents. EDLX resident artist Florence To will be helming another dazzling visual show!

Line-up:Area 1

Area 2
Speedy J – all night long

Area 3
Allert Aalders
Anamistic Beliefs
Boris Scorpio
Mono-Poly + Aminah Raysor




Happy New State 2017, December 31, 2016

Eyo! We are organizing another banging New Year’s Eve party this year! Tickets are only €10, pretty cheap if we say so ourselves!

Sick and tired of 2016, done with the state of the world?

Then join us in the Avantgardistische Staat where nothing is crazy enough, THE place for new impossibilities. The refuge for artistic outsiders, creative thinkers and outlaws. Go against the mass and join us this New Year’s Eve at the party of a lifetime: the party to a new world.

WORM: the Avantgardistische Staat. Now is the time to make it happen!


Modular electronic sounds hosted by Noodlebar!

Mark du Mosch (LIVE) (Dekmantel, Pinkman, Bordello A Parigi, Moustache Records)
Damcase (LIVE) (Bunker Records, Mord Records)
Animistic Beliefs
Mono – Poly
Obtrude + Audiowomb


ROOM 2: Wunderbar

Hosted by Capone45!

Dj’s JD LaRue & Roccalberti shooting the sweetest and roughest Ska, Soul, R&B, Rocksteady & Boss Reggae, all night long!

Honeypot Triangle (Marco Broeders a.k.a. Co2RO & Sinister) will provide WORM with a futuristic stage design and insane visuals.
Licht. Furthermore, they will present a crazy videoglitch liveset!
Trip the light fantastic!

And there will also be a special praying corner with a Happiness Imam that will wash all your 2016 sins away, so you can start the year with a clean slate! No calls to action or revolutionary speeches; just a simple praying corner where you will leave rejuvenated!


Presale: €10,-
Door: €17.50,-


Noodlebar at Mono, November 18th 2016

Noodlebar is gonna do a special at Mono.
With an amazing lineup this time.

Collin Benders (Kytopia)
Allert (Sonar Traffic)
Boris Scorpio
Animistic Beliefs (Noodlebar)

Damage = 5 euro (vol is vol)



This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

A Festival Downtown ism Noodlebar, October 1st 2016

Tijdens “A Festival Downtown” heeft Noodlebar het oude trammetje als rijdend podium. Wij zullen rondjes rijden tussen Centraal Station, Eendradhtsplein zo de Nieuwe Binnenweg over en dan weer terug bij het Heemraadsplein. Er zullen live sets gegeven worden door verschillende artiesten en na iedere set is er uitleg over de sounds die er gemaakt zijn en mag het publiek ook zelf aan de knoppen draaien, patchen en vragen.

Het programma ziet er als volgende uit:

14:30 – 15.30 OSC1899

15:30 – 16:00 OSC1899 patch explanation

16:00 – 17:00 Animistic Beliefs

17:00 – 17:30 Animistic Beliefs patch explanation

17:30 – 18:30 Colloid

18:30 – 19:00 Colloid patch explanation

19:00 – 20:00 Mono-Poly

20:00 – 20:30 Mono-Poly patch explanation

20:30 – 21:30 Boris Scorpio 

21:30 – 22:00 Boris Scorpio patch explanation

Eendracht Festical 21 July 2016

De Pre Party is nog maar net voorbij en we zijn lekker opgewarmd! Nog een klein maandje en dan is het tijd voor het Eendracht Festival nummer 7! Op 21 juli beginnen wij op het eendrachtsplein en doen wij hoogstwaarschijnlijk de lichten weer aan in Worm.

Check hieronder wie er allemaal komen en waar je die kunt vinden. Dit allemaal voor helemaal noppes!!

Eendrachtsplein gehost door Stichting De Nieuwe Lichting
** Monta & Mothers Groovebox
** Takkie & Ranx
** Diona Fox & her Ragdolls
** Bourbon Avenue
** Afronaut
** Winnaar talent-stage Metropolis: Dr. Meraki

ook gehost door Route du Nord
** Seven Stars Over Sicily
** Katie Kruel
+ Fake Photo Booth

Rewriters010 vezorgt streetart op het plein
** Lastplak
** Your Graffiti Team
** Vinz CFH

Rotown Rotterdam gehost door Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool ism Popronde Rotterdam
** The Pendulum’s Motion
** Standup ’69
** ZiNK
** Mitch Rivers
** Duncan Idaho

Bar3 gehost door Bangyourradio ism Doe Het Zelf Festival
** Norma Bloom
** Urban Distortion
** The Forbidden Wizards
** Mxrcxl
** Deathroll
** Crowjane

WORM Rotterdam gehost door Baroeg Rotterdam
** Jacklust
** Bloodsphere
** Nox Aeterna

Na Baroeg zijn de jongens van Lowriders Recordings aan de beurt:
** Holowave
** Panda Lassow
** Studio Ruwedata
** O.c. Sun Wirht
** Ard Bit

Wunderbar gehost door Noodlebar
** Colloid
** OSC1899
** Animistic Believe
** Mono – Poly

Pauluskerk Rotterdam gehost door Podium Grounds
** L’Asset
** Little geurrier and I and I Roots band
** Lizet Vink

Club Vibes gehost door Cloudhead
** Raise The Ace
** Machine Valley
** TreeHook
** Accelerators
** Beach Coma
** J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers

Belgisch Biercafé Boudewijn gehost door Music Matters
** Monta
** Romy Van Hirtum
** D-Luzion
** The Variety ft. Bellita Carol
** Joe Bailar
** Augustina

Brasserie Maurits gehost door BIRD
** Bourbon Avenue
** Bryan van Putten
** A Mangle Man
** Remses Rafaela / Muisjemuis
** Red Charmaine
** Maya Christina

Cafe IEZ gehost door De Likt
** A Mangle Man
** Dark Sine
** LowaddictsSoundsystem
** Victim Victim
** Dwayne Franklin
** Steye Felix
** Smuged Toads

Vanaf 23:00 gaan de jongens van Club von Westen binnen verder:
** Dekraken
** Nelson
** Forkowski
** Celestial Terrestrial
+ Mystery Guest

Op het dek van het Museumpark gehost door Masego Soundsystem
** Selector RayRay
** Asiatic Roots (ls) XoveryouthFam-SoundSystem
** Pon di Mic Ras Cloud Butoyi Barekayo
** Ronny Schenk pon Trumpet
** Masego Soundsystem

Arminius Rotterdam gehost door SpraakuhlooS
** Blackrockstar
** Niek & Damien
** Garshany
** Naomi Veldwijk

In de kelder van WORM Rotterdam gehost door BoomDox
** Demo de Don
** D-Luzion
** Kevtendencies
** Affoe
** Takkie & Ranx
** Kaascouse

En traditiegetrouw sluit Hybrid Kids het feestje in de kelder af
Hosted by: Mc Metronoom
** Dikkens
** Jahua
** Massada Dubz
** The Illuminated
** Lvstong
** Raptor
** Mystic Pulse
** Dancehall Washington
** Dread Pitt
** Stefan ZMK
** Rudi Ratte

Boomgaardhof de bekende steeg tussen de oude binnenweg en de witte de withstraat zal het podium zijn voor Poetry Circle 010

Cafe de Zondebok & t’ ZwarteSchaap gehost door Popunie
** Shireen
** Mieke Van Veen
** Rum for Breakfast
** T.B. Florusse
** Moon Druid
** El Fatso
** All Comes Down
** LAF

Noodlebar May 13th at Wunderbar

After a successful edition in V2 Noodlebar is back in Wunderbar on Saturday 13 May. For this edition we invited four artists. From electronic to techno, one thing is for sure, it’s going to be a very danceable edition of Noodlebar. The entrance is free, so join us in the foyer of the Wunderbar!

None other than Allert Aalders, from Utrecht, will be hitting Rotterdam once again to serve up some of his magic. The mid 90s saw him making his mark, when he set up the techno act Human Beings. In 2012 together with Ben Spaander (Cosmic Force) he started Sonic Traffic, a “playground” where more than 50 vintage synths are on display. A wet dream for every synth nerd. Inspired by the Noodlebar events he recently set up the “Modulation” events in Kytopia, who like Noodlebar are dedicated to the modular synthesizers.

The young Rotterdam duo Animistic Beliefs, Marvin and Linh, are no strangers to our events. Together they played previously for Noodlebar during the Eendrachtfestival 5.0. Armed with a modular synth and a drum computer they will drop a banging techno set.

Our visiting artist is a Brussels resident, the city where artists with a modular synthesizer well represented. Although Mudd Corp is still quite a young producer, he has been on the path of discovering new sounds for quite some time. His growing interest in synthesis saw him eventually landing on the modular synthesizer deck.

Like most of us interested in the world of modular synths for Colloid it also started with the quest for creating organic, electronic sounds. This artist, who resides in Delft, quickly came to the conclusion that the “standard” electronic hardware instruments could not deliver what he was looking for. Unsatisfied by this feeling he had he stepped into the world of modular synths in order to create his own experimental sounds and beats. Nowadays he also creates and sells his own modules which are branded under the name GINKOsynthese!

When? Saturday May 13th
Where? Wunderbar, Boomgaardsstraat 10 Rotterdam
Time? 2100 hrs – 0200 hrs
Entrance : FREE
More info: Facebook