Sotu Festival 2015

Noodlebar April 4th 2015

Richard Scott
Richard Scott is an electroacoustic composer and improviser working mostly with analogue modular synthesizers. He has been composing music for over 30 years, recently performing with artists such as Evan Parker, Jon Rose, Richard Barrett, Thomas Lehn, Twinkle³, Axel Dörner, Michael Vorfeld, Helmut Lemke, Ute Wasserman, Emilio Gordoa, Richard Scott’s Lightning Ensemble and Grutronic.

Patrick Gunawan Hartano
Patrick Hartono’s work has particular focus on sound and visual spatial exploration either virtual or physical. The results include music on acousmatic composition, surround sound concerts, live electronic, compositions in the tradition of academic computer music, underwater photography, installations, site-specific sound art, experimental media, and interdisciplinary arts.

Geritz / Kaffa
Geritz / Kaffa is an improvisationproject by Stephan C. Kaffa (Soft Posh, iPennies, Polarized) and Thijs Geritz (Mouches Volantes, Einzelganger, Trapper).Since 2013 these gentleman bring you sounds; combinations of guitar, loops, field recordings and various sounds.

Mono – Poly

STRP x Noodlebar x Geluidsdrug x Onheil

Two organisations from Eindhoven and one from Rotterdam join forces during an afternoon full of (abstract) electronic music. Expect meters of cables and big piles of (modular) synthesizers, drumcomputers and effects


Noodlebar sessions by:
Kami Kapnobatai:

Geluidsdrug sessions by:
Geluidsdrug Collectief:

Onheil sessions by:
Ivo Hartman:
Hyde Park:


Noodlebar February 28th 2015

Kubus (Zwolle)
Kubus is a dutch producer, mainly known as the man behind some of the most upfront and extraordinary hiphop productions to appear during the last decade in the Netherlands. Unlike other hiphop producers, Kubus’ roots go back to the early rave days, where raw analogue beats and brutal electronics melted together into something unheard before. It is therefor no surprise that his unique style is a fusion of techno, electro and hiphop.

Lu Katavist (Cologne Germany)
Cologne-based Lu Katavist was exploring freestyle electronica and expanding the borders of experimental drum’n’bass under the elfish echo moniker (releases on source records and km20), but now he’s focussing on improvised live-electronics, controlling a modular system with the Haken Continuum Fingerboard.

The Monoranger (La Haya)
The Monoranger is an active player in the electronic/improv scene in the Hague, the Netherlands.
Random soundgeneration and sequencing form the basis of his mesmerizing experimental improvised drones.

Noodlebar Radicals Precum Party

MONO-POLY (Rotterdam) 
The founder of Noodlebar. Started collecting synths in the 90s but really started to focus on playing live since 2006.

TRAP&ZOID (Belgium)
Trap & Zoid is formerly a one-human electronic solo project, using mainly legendary EMS Synthis and some modular synths.

NAVS (Berlin)
Navs was introduced to modular synthesizers 10 years ago. He has been fascinated by the possibilities they offer to both gain and cede control over the creative process ever since. He is happy to have found his instrument.
As well as making music, he narrated a film about modulars called ‘I Dream of Wires’, writes a blog called ’Navs Modular Lab’ and co-curates a concert series in Berlin called ’Basic Electricity’ – the first regular club night dedicated to live performance and improvisation with modular synthesizers.

Live project by Stefan Robbers and Allard Krijger. Maybe Noodlebar is the one to blame that his project started? But only they know for sure.

Our guy from Amsterdam doing the maximum with the minumum. Expect some real deep techno grooves from this guy. Because size really doesn’t matter!

Peter is the guy who runs Casper Electronics and is a real lover of building and hacking his own stuff. Expect some techno rynthms coming from his awesome home build synth with his color flashing bulb into it.

SYBREN DANZ (Amsterdam)
Yeah another one from Amsterdam. Sybren is building his own stuff in a verry hardcore way. All the stuff he builds is done on breadboards with a lot of point to point solderding. And everything is build into modules which only he can operates. But when he does………

The archangels of the sun, masters on earth, are here to guide humanity to her final redemption and finish the work of heliogabalus and his gang, venerating the almighty monolith in order to penetrate the black sun. Phallus suprematicus! 
To achieve their mission they’ve chosen the musical weapon without any limit of genre to bring as many humans as possible to understand the solar message. Pagan Gospel Black Metal, Minimal Ex-Stasi Techno, Death Blues, Bakery Doom, Lofi Abomination, Disco Zombie

This is gonna be a killter partty and there will be only 100 people allowed at the party.

Damage €5

In store concert: Noodlebar

Entrance fee: 4 euro (no presale)

Kami Kapnobatai (Rotterdam NL)

OR Combiner (Leiden NL)
The electronica/improvisatie duo OR Combiner from Leiden exists since May 2014. Founding members: Lama Waaien (Lamaha metasynth + effects nd various other instruments) and Tony Dubshot (modular synth + effects).



Noodlebar December 27th 2014

Teilingerstraat 128
December 27
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
Entrance: € 4


DAMCASE (Greece)
Experimental Techno


ALLERT (Utrecht)
Sonar Traffic

Founder of Noodlebar

There’s gonna be a raffle we’ll be selling tickets for 2 euro.
Prices are:
– Lowcost eurorack starter kit
– Falafular Spaternizer,
– Falafular Bunch-O-Clocks
– Das Ding HSTA Sequencer
– Noodlebar T-shirt
– 2 Das Ding releases on cassette tapes
– An afternoon usage of the Sonar Traffic studio

Noodlebar November 21th 2014

Teilingerstraat 128
November 21
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
Entrance: € 4


Jos Smolders (Tilburg)
meanders between contemplation and explosion.

Jenamu6 (Roffa)
Soundscapes and Modular jams.

Husc (Tilburg)
Eurorack and Machinedrum

RIPIT (Bruxhell)
Acid storm Thunder beats

Shakmat (Bruxhell)
Bishop Dust’s Side Project

Ucture (Bruxhell)
Modular Techno


Noodlebar September 25th 2014

Teilingerstraat 128
September 25
Start: 20.30 // First act: 21.00
Entrance: € 4


SYBREN DANZ (Amsterdam)

Disturbing, horrific and liberating electronics

Zen.Se (Brussel)
Exp modular improve

Streaming will be done by Groove Line

And Harry Plotter will be there to.