Noodlebar December

Some Truths (London, EN)
Bass Clef´s alter-ego Some Truth is the science bit, and every bit as essential: a stripped-down, on-the-fly field trip into deep melodic pools of modular synth patchwerk. Ralph’s range and flair as a DJ is reflected in the sprawling breadth of dancefloors he has blitzed over the past decade and beyond, as likely to twirl a curveball as a mirrorball but always making maximum sense whether dub, African, house, soca, jungle or heady electronics be the theme.

Boris Scorpio (Amsterdam, NL)

Listentomerijn (Rotterdam, NL)

Ruisbox (Eindhoven, NL)

V2_Community invites Noodlebar

Yoshio Machida (Japan)
A member of ASCAP, Machida studied minimal art, music and film at the Tama Art University under Kuniharu Akiyama, Yoshiaki Touno, Sakumi Hagiwara and Kishio Suga. In the 1990s, Machida worked for an international cooperation in Asia and Africa.

Machida’s first album Hypernatural (1999) had been featured with Brian Eno and Oval (band) on David Toop’s article about Generative music. In 2001, Machida started to play improvised music by Steelpan with computer program Max/MSP. Machida has been invited to perform in ISEA2004, Sónar Tokyo, MaerzMusik and other venues. In 2004, Machida founded an experimental music label Amorfon. In 2007, Machida formed an electric Dub band miimo with tatsu and Norihide Saji. Machida also organized “Japan-Macedonia exchange art exhibition” and some workshops for children.

Trap & Zoid (Belgium)
After playing rock’n’roll bass and upright bass for 20 years, Constantin Papageorgiadis is today a well-known figure in the EMS Synthi world, on both musical and technical sides. He serviced tens of EMS instruments, including the IPEM’s rare Synthi 100 in Ghent, and imagined an original way to expand their features that was great success and led him to be on regular and friendly touch with numerous Synthi users from around the world such as a.o. Alessandro Cortini, Jim O’Rourke, Peter Kember, Yvan Etienne, Bernard Filipetti, Yoshio Machida…
He recently released a vinyl and uses to perform with his favorite suitcase as a one-human electronic solo project named Trap&Zoid. His live approach is to start from nothing, progressively create a single evolutive patch and support the Synthi through it. No computer, no preset, no cheating.
He also plays with Belgian bands Kriminal Hammond Inferno and The Fabulous Progerians.

LCDrone (Belgium)
LCDrone is the raw live sound of a woman (Laura Sicault), a man (Constantin Papageorgiadis – aka Trap&Zoid), her SEM, his Synthis, some other gear (no computer of course !), a few effects and weird inspiration… Laura used to play classical oboe professionaly before to go into synthesizers and play afrojazz with Frank Biyong and later improvised ambient-drone music with Constantin.

OSC1899 (Rotterdam)
Rotterdam based synthesist Chris David a.k.a. OSC1899 is collecting and playing synthesizers since 2007. His setup varies per event and depends on the location, timetable and vibe of the area where he is playing. “At most of my performances I bring up my TR808 drum machine accompanied by a Serge modular or Rob Hordijk modular system. A tape echo and sampler will complete the live rig.” The music OSC1899 plays can be as best described as deep, groovy and ambient. “I love to melt ambient drones into classic 808 or 909 grooves and let the old machines sing with modern technology which can be found in the newer modular systems.”

Bizarre Sound Creatures

A great mutation of sound producing objects has started. In this new digital era, matter is not a limit anymore. Instruments are evolving into creatures of symbiotic interfaces, alien sounds, merged visuals, … It is time to make a journey through the most Bizarre Creatures of the Future Sound and experience for yourself a new musical universe. ~

17-25 October, Het Glaspaviljoen will be filled with a selection of innovative musical instruments and sound-making devices, workshops on making and playing instruments, performances and lectures, to form a connected vision of what the future can bring.

Noodlebar is representing the whole week.
16th October OSC1899 (prepary)
18th October Falafel Biels
20th October Harry Plotter
21th October Harry Plotter + lecture
25th October Falafular (Modular Meet)

For more information on the program, check 


Participation fee per person: EUR 65 
capacity: minimum 5, maximum 15 people 

Do you need a handheld experimental analog synth? Or have you had a Stylophone as a christmas or birthday present and you want to upgrade it? Are you a circuit bending & hardware hacking enthusiast? 
Are you interested in learning some cool tricks about turning simple electronic sound toys into killing-sound noisy machines???? 
Then this is a workshop for you! 

Circuit bending workshop led by sound artist Tasos Stamou is dedicated to altering and upgrading the functions and sounds of original Stylophones (revived version). Participants will be guided through the process and completion of hard wiring the keyboard and transforming it into a useful analogue synthesizer; adding pitch controls, body contacts, sustain mods, CV (control Voltage) and other possible adds. All materials and components included. Due to the nature of the modifications, this instrument will be really useful to people using modular synthesizers, as an external synth voice module to their modular synthesizer system. 


Tasos Stamou is a dedicated circuit bender and an instrument modifier/designer. He has been utilizing his hacked creations into various performances (such as at the BENT Festival, New York) and recordings of obscure electronica ( Absurd, Triple Bathe, Orila, Lal Lal Lal). He has been leading hardware hacking workshops in festivals (Green Man Festival, SOTU Festival Lithuania, Athens Video Art Festival) and music tech labs (Macumbista Studio in Berlin, Music Hackspace and Noise=Noise in London, STPLN in Sweden, etc.). 

More info:

Noodlebar September 26th 2015

Tasos Stamou (Greece)
Tasos is a Greece electronic producer using modular synths and hacked stuff. He played all over Europe and gives workshops too.

Alberto Novell (Italy)
Alberto Novell is an Italian preformer who’s been into various electronic music projects for the past century. For noodlebar he’ll bring his modular synthesizer.

Sigma (Finland)
Sigma is a 2 men project from Finland making ambient music with modular synths and an EWI controller. For Noodlebar 1 of the 2 members will come and do a nice improvisation set with a modular synth and EWI.

LAB (Den Bosch)
Martijn is diy freak from Den Bosch.
He runs a soldergroup there who are building their own stuff.
For noodlebar he’ll do a preofrmance with his modular synthsezier which is partly made by himself.

Streaming will be done trough

V2_Community invites Noodlebar

Entrance fee: € 4,-
On the 29th of August there will be another Noodlebar. For this edition we are very happy to announce that we were able on having the event at V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media. This institute is very well known for its advanced views about technology and its interface with society since 1981. The perfect place for a Noodlebar event!

This time there will not only be one but even two foreign artists playing! We received a very nice “audition” video by Wein Glas (Germany) who will bring you dark soundscapes. And Benjamin Nelson (US/Norway), who heard about our Noodlebar events through Falafular Modules, was also eager to play as he´s also happen to be in Rotterdam for he is selected for a Summer Sessions residency at V2_ this summer.

Wein Glas (Germany)
A lot of noise and dark soundscapes from Germany with an Buchla 200e, an eurorack modular, some really cool Metasonix and Zerosum Inertia tubes stuff, and a bit Ciat Lonbarde gear.

Benny Nelson (US / Norway)
Inspired by composers such as Maryanne Amacher, Phill Niblock, La Monte Young and Eliane Radigue a series of pieces and performances began centered around the ideas of slow moving sheets of sound exploring microshifts in spectrum and phase as well as hearing fatigue and room resonance with the aim of integrating electronics, acoustic sound, and environment.
At this moment he´s one of the artists who got selected for a Summer Sessions residency at V2_

Kozepz (Eindhoven)
Kozepz is an artist based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the city from early electronic experiments in Room 306 at Philips Natlab. 
Part to grow is a personal reflection on how inspirations in one area of your life, can influence choices in other ones, but not always for the better.
Although representing a rather dark period in his life, musically it still is one great adventure.

Jeroen Elfferich (Delft)
He started writing and recording his music at an early age using synthesizers, guitars and drums. He studied drums at the Rotterdam Conservatorium and played with many bands and orchestras. After graduating he formed his jazz group Elfferich Four. In 2009 he bought a loopstation and started making live looping music. He was at several festivals like Lowlands and the international Live Looping Festival in de States. 
For this edition he will leave the loopstation at home and bring his soundgenerator and the cs10

Streaming will be done through

Mister Noodlebar Birthday Bash!


The founder of Noodlebar. Started collecting synths in the 90s but really started to focus on playing live since 2006.


Boris Scorpio
Our guy from Amsterdam doing the maximum with the minumum. Expect some real deep techno grooves from this guy. Because size really doesn’t matter!

Colloid experiments with sounds since the 90s.
He’s also the man behind Gynko Synthese.
Expect atmospheric sounds mixed with groovy beats!!


Noodlebar June 27th 2015

AK-REV & Obtrude (Amsterdam)

W Ravenveer (Antwerpen)

Multicast Dynamics (Finland)

Mono-Poly (Rotterdam)

Damage: 5 euro

Noodlebar May 23th 2015

Jeroen Vandesande (Gent, BE)
completed his master studies at the Ghent School of Fine Arts Sint Lucas and has been active as a sound artist since 2004. Besides giving performances he also creates sound installations and regularly works together with musicians and performers.

Michiel Klein (Rotterdam, NL)
is a musician/sound artist, disregarding formal techniques, working in an intuitive way instead. Plays guitar in no wave trio Sweat Tongue, electronics in JSCA and manipulating feedback and cassette-tape as a solo artist.

Kang (The Hague, NL)
is a solo performer in true hard core experimental abstract ritualistic primitive music based in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Her act leaves nothing to be desired on the need of the mental void by offering a heavy yet empowered noisy environment made by a variety of media including analog devices, acoustic instruments, objects, and computer.

Griezel (Tilburg, NL)


Noodlebar April 24th 2015


One machine to rule them all. Described by some as a digital hardware tracker groovestation, described by others as the best thing to hit lofi music since the 80s.

Tracker interface? Check.
User selectable plug ‘n play modules featuring your favourite soundchips and more? Got it.
Live mode to cater your wickedness to the most demanding crowds? Uhuh. Worldwide? Yep.
Touchscreen? Couldn’t resist.
All of the above, loads more AND weird easter eggs too? Heck yeah!

Nerdsynth is under development as we speak and is doing a limited amount of try out gigs and show ‘n tells! Check it out in it’s infancy so you too can tell your friends that you were there when the next generation of awesome was dawning.

NoiseLab is a Sound Designer specialized in recording field & foley sounds. These sounds will be processed in the Kyma Sound Design System. For now the exploring goes from the Elektron SidStation to the DSP Overlord Kyma with sound morphing of Speak & Spell samples. They will be sequenced by the Elektron Octatrack and some alternate live controllers.