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Electric Deluxe x Dystopian February 11th 2017

We are returning to Rotterdam with an EDLX x Dystopian event after tasting the great vibe last year! EDXL boss Speedy J will play all night long at one of the areas. Dystopian chief RØDHÅD will play the main area with support from Alex.Do and Subjected. The 3rd area will be hosted by Rotterdam’s finest, Noodlebar Soundsystem. They will be settling in for a night of wire juggling and all things noodly via live shows from their residents. EDLX resident artist Florence To will be helming another dazzling visual show!

Line-up:Area 1

Area 2
Speedy J – all night long

Area 3
Allert Aalders
Anamistic Beliefs
Boris Scorpio
Mono-Poly + Aminah Raysor


Revenge Off The Modular, February 10th 2017

Night of the Modular Monsters IV : Revenge of the Modular Monsters

More info TBA

Mono-Poly feat. Aminah Raysor



Noodlebar, January 13th, 2017

Yeah! Happy to announce that we are doing the first Noodlebar edition of 2017!

The full lineup for the evening:

The Monoranger
Mudd Corp


This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

Van Onderen, 07 Januari 2017 Paradiso Amsterdam

Paradiso staat op zaterdag 7 januari 12:00 uur tot zondag 8 januari 12:00 uur in het teken van het nieuwe evenement ‘Van Onderen’. Het is de eerste keer in het 48-jarig bestaan dat Paradiso 24 aaneengesloten uren geopend is voor bezoekers.  Eén etmaal lang wordt binnen de muren van het gebouw het succes van de Nederlandse underground-scene gevierd met artiesten, labels, DIY magazines en fanzines en andere initiatieven. Naast optredens zijn er onder andere ook workshops en presentaties.

Muziek van Z tot A: zZz, Zea, Yung Gwidetti, Yuko Yuko, YesPinkPink, WOLVON, Venus Tropicaux, Torii, Toner Low, Those Foreign Kids, This Leo Sunrise, The Sweet Release of Death, The Lumes, The Kryng, The Intergalactic Gelectual Electrical Beatle-Funkels, The Ik Jan Cremers, The Hounds, The Homesick, The Fire Harvest, The Ex, The Black Cult, The Avonden, Tarantino X Squeeks, Spoelstra, Spill Gold, Slow Worries, She Has A Cold, Cold Heart, Robby de Selby, Rites, Paralympics, Ottoboy, Nouveau Vélo, ニンバス 3000 / Nimbus 3000, Naive Set, MNHM, Manuel Helbaard, Lookapony, Korfbal, KIN, KIEFF, Katadreuffe, Kartoffel Trio, Kanipchen-Fit, John Thak, Joshua Baumgarten & The Irrational Library, Iguana Death Cult, Hunter Complex, HWRH, Green Hornet, Goodnight Moonlight, Glice, Gewoon Fucking Raggen, G.O.D., Floris Bates & The Rented Friends, Firebirds, ET Explore Me, Eerie Wanda, Drvg Cvltvre, Droppings, DRD-R7, DJ RAMSES3000, Deutsche Ashram, Dead Neanderthals, Crustenunie, Charlie & The Lesbians, BLUE CRIME, Black Wednesdays, Bert Scholten, Baby Galaxy, Apneu

Verdere programma-onderdelen:
BAKK / Bunker Records
[F]luister: Machinefabriek & Anne Bakker: Halfslaap II, Rutger R. Muller & Wen Chin Fu, Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra
Gevel-expositie Kasper Vogelzang op Paradiso
Fog Mountain: HOEK, Know V.A., Lemontrip
Jacco Weener’s Grand Gala du Musique
MiMa: Self Indulgent Asshole, Sweat Tongue, Red Brut
Moving Furniture: Orphax, Marijn Comes
New York Haunted: Detention, Cs2
Noodlebar: OSC1899, Mono-Poly
Purple Noise: line-up TBA
Shaky Maracas
Vera Art Division

Zie voor alle info.

Van Onderen – 24 uur lang Nederlandse underground in Paradiso
Zaterdag 7 januari 2017, 12.00 uur tot zondag 8 januari 2017, 12.00 uur
Locatie: Paradiso, Amsterdam (alle zalen)
Aanvang: 12.00 uur
Early worms tickets zijn te koop voor 10,- euro excl. lidmaatschap. Deze zijn geldig voor de volledige 24 uur.


Happy New State 2017, December 31, 2016

Eyo! We are organizing another banging New Year’s Eve party this year! Tickets are only €10, pretty cheap if we say so ourselves!

Sick and tired of 2016, done with the state of the world?

Then join us in the Avantgardistische Staat where nothing is crazy enough, THE place for new impossibilities. The refuge for artistic outsiders, creative thinkers and outlaws. Go against the mass and join us this New Year’s Eve at the party of a lifetime: the party to a new world.

WORM: the Avantgardistische Staat. Now is the time to make it happen!


Modular electronic sounds hosted by Noodlebar!

Mark du Mosch (LIVE) (Dekmantel, Pinkman, Bordello A Parigi, Moustache Records)
Damcase (LIVE) (Bunker Records, Mord Records)
Animistic Beliefs
Mono – Poly
Obtrude + Audiowomb


ROOM 2: Wunderbar

Hosted by Capone45!

Dj’s JD LaRue & Roccalberti shooting the sweetest and roughest Ska, Soul, R&B, Rocksteady & Boss Reggae, all night long!

Honeypot Triangle (Marco Broeders a.k.a. Co2RO & Sinister) will provide WORM with a futuristic stage design and insane visuals.
Licht. Furthermore, they will present a crazy videoglitch liveset!
Trip the light fantastic!

And there will also be a special praying corner with a Happiness Imam that will wash all your 2016 sins away, so you can start the year with a clean slate! No calls to action or revolutionary speeches; just a simple praying corner where you will leave rejuvenated!


Presale: €10,-
Door: €17.50,-

Electric Deluxe Warehouse Edition, December 30th, 2016

We began the year with an event of titanic techno proportions, and that’s exactly how we’ll finish it. On Friday 30 December join us at Amsterdam NDSM Loods as we stomp 2016 to a close, powered by the purist sounds of Dystopian, Token, Avian, Delsin, Monnom Black, On and On and more.

– Speedy J
– Shifted
– Ø [Phase]
– Clouds
– VRIL live
– Jeff Rushin
– Noodlebar Soundsystem

In February Electric Deluxe faced off to Dystopian in Rotterdam, now Rødhåd is returning for another round in the ring. He’s one of the most in demand DJs at the moment. Catch any one of his sets and it’s easy to see why; as with Speedy J, the Dystopian chief is in his element settling into a long, late night shift. He’s joined by affiliate Vril who’ll be performing another of his patented live shows. As “fiery and dangerous as dancing on hot coals,” said RA of Vril’s last album for Delsin. The live experience is even more exhilarating.

For the ravers and harder thrill seekers out there, our own Dax J and Clouds will be on hand. Both artists will be following up their Electric Deluxe debuts, Illusions of Power and Timeslip Roadmender, with more of their distinct kinds of techno arsenal. Anticipate shadowier business from Avian boss Shifted, who’s recent Appropriation Stories album still leaves an icy chill in the air. Then there’s Token mainstay Ø [Phase], who makes techno for those introspective, locked in moments when all you can do is dance.

For the local talent, we’re calling upon On and On’s Jeff Rushin again (he played with us three years ago at Melkweg, alongside none other than Jeff Mills himself). And representing Rotterdam? Aside from the boss of course, enigmatic modulators Noodlebar Soundsystem will be setting up their kit again for another noodly wire-swapping session. As ever, the aesthetics of the night will be handled by our in-house visual artist Florence To. No fireworks, no dazzle, just techno at its finest.

Noodlebar at Mono, December 22 2016

For the second time Noodlebar will do a modular special at Mono!



Jos Smolders

Rob Hordijk

Bjorn Jauss a.k.a. Zen.SE

Roel Meelkop

Free entrance!


This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

Noodlebar 9th, December 2016

Sun Color, Barcelona
Sun Color is the project of Venezuelan sound artist and experimental composer Julio Cesar Palacio, using a mixture of analog and digital processing in a show that combines abstract arrhythmic music, micro-tonal composition and field recordings. Julio C. Palacio is a real modern-day emperor of electronic sound. Fascinated by modular synths, he has evolved with his music project over time to create a very personal, concrete music world.

Julio is an active artist, and besides running Knob Shop, the only modular synth store in Barcelona, he just curated an exhibition called Sonic Room, a multi channel listening installation. This year he was also the guest composer at the EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm and in the past played festivals such as MUTEK.

Elektrovolt, The Hague
Elektrovolt is the music project from Jimi Helinga. He’s been doing music since about the age of 15 and he was a member of Black Helicopters which did play at Noodlebar once. He also was a memer of Nacho Patrol together with Legowelt. But now he’s coming solo! He just made an album called “Dune Magnetic” His set won;t be moduar but with nice analogue gear and is a great artist to have to end the party!

Timo Rozendal, Baarn
Timo Rozendal is a diy freak from Baarn. For the past years he made several diy kits for eurorack and they are loved. He also worked with Falafular on the Corny Rythm code and i think they are working on something new to. For Noodlebar he’ll do a show with his system which is almost 100% diy i think and build by himself.

Rob Donkers, Rotterdam
Rob Donkers is an artist from Rotterdam and has buit al kind of instalations for festivals all over the world. He also worked on tracks with Ard Bit and did some solo work to. Recently he got into eurorack and the past year he worked hard on getting his system build. For Noodlebar he’ll do his first live modular set and we’re looking forward to what he’ll preform.



This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

Noodlebar at Mono, November 18th 2016

Noodlebar is gonna do a special at Mono.
With an amazing lineup this time.

Collin Benders (Kytopia)
Allert (Sonar Traffic)
Boris Scorpio
Animistic Beliefs (Noodlebar)

Damage = 5 euro (vol is vol)


This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.

Noodlebar, October 8th 2016

Dirch Blewn (London, UK)

Dirch Blewn is David Bloor from London UK. He’s a true master off the Ciat-Lonbarde synthesizers. These are devices made by Peter Blasser who is a super genious and freak. Making these crazy devices with no real instruction how they work.

We’re proud David deceided to come over and do his wizardry with these amazing instruments.


Paul Tas (Error-Instruments, Amsterdam)

Paul Tas is the big guy running Error-Istrruments. He is the no.1 noisesynth seller in the worl i think. He’s a reseller/builder but also a crazy artist. It’s always a surprise what he will bring to a show and we’re looking forward to this one.


Sonicrider (Eindhoven)

Jurgen Winkel is the guy behind Sonic Rider.  He’s been active in music since halfway the 80s and he’s running the ableton usergroup Eindhoven. He’s gonna do a set with modular and visuals specialy for Noodlebar.


Emca (Rotterdam)

This isolo project of Michiel Klein, a musician/sound artist living in Rotterdam, Disregarding formal techniques, he works in an intuitive way instead. Plays guitar in no wave band Sweat Tongue, electronics in JSCA and manipulating feedback and/or cassette-tape as a solo artist.


This event is made possible with the suport of Popunie Rotterdam.