How to help us

Every month we organise a performance in our hometown Rotterdam, throughout the Netherlands, at festivals and other local venues. So, as you can see, we play an important part in cultural life locally, nationally and internationally. If you enjoy Noodlebar’s performances you can contribute through the “donate” paypal button.

Or take your support a step further by becoming one of Noodlebar’s FRIENDS.

Support Noodlebar for 50 euro a year

We aim to deliver a significant contribution to the development of electronic music that is made using modular synthesizers. Noodlebar pursues this objective through facilitating monthly stages for modular synthesizer artists in Rotterdam. Our work appeals to a very wide public, and our wonderfully diverse audience is a great inspiration to us!

Benefits of being a Friend of Noodlebar are:

  • free entrance to our monthly Noodlebar events for 1 year
  • discounts for workshops and merchandise
  • montly newsletter

Joining us is easy

Whether you’re a Dutch resident or not, you can register using the subscription form on this website.